Meet the Fellows for Global Future Fellows 2023!

  • Aditia Rusmawan
    Corporate Affairs Dept Head, Sumber Energi Pangan
    Aditia Rusmawan is a Corporate Affairs Department Head whose main goal is to preserve the Company’s Positive Image and also to achieve Food Security and Improvement of Farmers’ Welfare.
    He usually collaborates with the government, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, to facilitate farmers to get the support of Corn Seed, Irrigation Systems and also the Corn Sheller. For example, in 2019, the support of Corn Seed from the Directorate General of Food Crops, Ministry of Agriculture has been distributed to Kabupaten Tojo Una-Una, Central Sulawesi, with a total area supported are 7,000 Ha (105 Ton), which a total of 11,50 ton has been allocated to 509 partnership farmers.
  • Andhi Kurniawan
    Policy Analyst, National Institute of Public Administration (NIP)/Lembaga Administrasi Negara
    Andhi Kurniawan is a policy analyst at National Institute of Public Administration (NIP).
  • Azizah Nazzala Fauzi
    Researcher, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS)
    Azizah Fauzi is a policy researcher at the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, focusing on Indonesia's food security and agricultural policies with a strong interest in the ASEAN's food security and agricultural framework and cooperation. She has worked on issues relating to food commodities' prices and regulations, promoting agriculture investment, warehouse receipt system, policy barriers to a nutritious diet, and repurposing agricultural assistance. She was invited to speak at the webinars of G20 engagement groups' and chaired a workshop during the Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) G20 on Food Loss and Waste.
  • Dedy Supriadi
    Director, Restu Agropro Jayamas
    Dedy Supriadi is an agronomy, agriculture supply chain, and farmer partnership expert. With more than 15 years of experience in several Agricultural Industries, Multinational Companies, and successfully develop start-up company to compete locally and in the export market. He currently starts his doctoral program in Plant Breeding & Biotechnology at Brawijaya University in Malang.
  • Dian Wahyu Kusuma
    Head, Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) Bandar Lampung
    Dian Wahyu Kusuma is a freelance journalist based in Lampung, Indonesia. Dian has worked in local media, namely Lampung Post for 9 years. Dian has been writing about economics for a long time. Dian has an educational background in agriculture, currently writing about agriculture, climate change, and the environment. Dian was a fact-checking trainer with the Google News initiative and the AJI Indonesia Alliance of Independent Journalists. He wrote that he had received a fellowship and was broadcast on Mongabay Indonesia, Fellowship Climate Tracker, and others.
  • Dr. Sukmawati, S.P.M.P.
    Head of Research, Publication and HAKI Division, PPM Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare
    Dr. Sukmawati, S.P.M.P. is a Lecturer in the agrotechnology study program at the Faculty of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, University of Parepare Muhammadiyah, with expertise in integrated agricultural systems, regional development, and management of biomass and carbon credits. She is involved in various research activities, such as Muhammadiyah Research, LPDP Scientific Research, International Cooperation and Matching Fund in soil bacteria, and carbon offsets in the development of carbon- and bipolymer-based corn plants. She carries out community service related to processing livestock waste into liquid fertilizer, carbon-tech dissemination on agricultural land, and integrated farming system dissemination.
  • Dr Uci Sulandari, S.Si., M.Si.
    Lecturer and Director, Universitas Binawan and PT Green Enviro Resources
    Dr. Uci Sulandari S.Si., M.Si., is a lecturer in environmental courses at Binawan University and a director at PT Green Enviro Resources – PT GER has received organic certificates for 150 farmers who are members of the BHINEKAS Gapoktan. In addition, PT GER, together with Bank Indonesia and Central System (Prof Eriyatno from IPB University) developed CLS in Cisolok Gunung Halimun District.
    In 2022 She won the trust as chairman of the Gemma Mathlaul Anwar halal product companion institution. In this institution, there are already 300 halal assistants spread throughout Indonesia.
  • Dr Rina Kristanti
    Head of Administration (KSBTU), DG of Sustainable Forest Management, Ministry of Forestry
    Dr Rina Kristnati is head of the administration unit at the Sustainable Forest Management Ministry of Forestry Indonesia. She has experience in forest and environmental issues within KLHK. She received a Doctoral degree in the Forest Management Science Program, Faculty of Forestry IPB University.
  • Dwi Sartika Adetama
    Food Security Analyst, Badan Pangan Nasional
    Dwi Sartika Adetama is an Food Security Analyst at Badan Pangan National. She has published numerous research on food security and sustainable development.
  • Emilta Dewi Chaniago
    President Director, PT. Berlian Internasional Indonesia
    Emilta Dewi Chaniago is a woman who is driven to bring economic transformation to every area in Indonesia. Her works in Indonesia Timur revolve around farmers empowerment to be more productive and innovative in food commodity development. She successfully improves the local economy by helping the community increase its production capacity and quality.
  • Eva Bachtiar
    Co-founder & CEO, Garda Pangan
    Eva Bachtiar is co-founder and CEO of Garda Pangan, a socio-eco-enterprise that offers one-stop solution for food loss & waste reduction efforts through a Zero-Food-Loss-and-Waste-to-Landfill approach, -where edible surplus food is redistributed to underprivileged communities and food scrap processed into animal feeds.
    She is also a practitioner, researcher, and consultant in food loss and waste issues and currently advocating new policies for food loss and waste reduction in Indonesia.
  • Fajar Sidik Abdullah Kelana
    Founder and COO, Banoo Indonesia
    Fajar Kelana is the founder and COO of Banoo Indonesia. He received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, and Master's degree in Innovation Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He is passionate about developing technology and innovation for impoverished rural people. At Banoo, He developed a technology named Mycrofish that could increase the water quality and increase the fish farmers' yield and income.
  • Harjanto Hanawi
    Director, PT. SMART, Tbk - Sinarmas Agribusiness and Food
    Harjanto Hanawi currently serves as the Corporate Affairs Director of PT SMART Tbk. Harjanto Hanawi has extensive experience in management and operations since 1982. He had been involved in various projects and operations in Civil Engineering, Railway Bridges, Power Generation, Steel Structure Fabrication and Galvanization, Nike Manufacturing, retail, distribution, etc.
  • Ifan Martino
    Planner, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas
    Ifan Martino is a planner at the Directorate of Food and Agriculture with main responsibility in formulating national development plans in the field of food and agriculture. This responsibility includes tasks in monitoring and evaluating the plans; coordination with line ministries, local governments, civil societies, private sectors and international development partners; and participating in researches on emerging food and agriculture issues.
  • Janu Muhammad
    Director, Sayur Sleman (PT. Sayur Sleman Indonesia)
    Janu Muhammad is a social entrepreneur interested in sustainable agriculture, millennial farmers, and food security. With more than 10 years of experience in project management, Janu is currently focusing on developing PT. Sayur Sleman Indonesia to help farmers in Yogyakarta in increasing their income. This year, Janu became a finalist for Young Ambassador Agriculture from the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2022, he was awarded 1st place as the Youth Farmer Ambassador, Sociopreneur Award from Paragon Innovation Technology (2021), and other prestigious achievements.
  • Jiwo Damar Anarkie
    Head of Impact and Sustainability, Elevarm
    Jiwo Damar Anarkie is a sustainability and social-impact management professional - who manage strategic partnership projects, foundation, research, carbon tracking, and CSR initiatives collaborating with various strategic institution. He led over 70 strategic projects in empowering farmers and MSMEs. Skilled in various empowerment programs, social impact research, managing strategic partnerships, and sustainability issues in line with Sustainable Development Goals and Environment, Social, and Government. He also involve in national economic recovery program for Farmers and MSMEs in delivering capital stimulus, capacity building, and business assistance.
  • Johan Sukweenadhi
    Lecturer, University of Surabaya
    Johan Sukweenadhi is a lecturer at the University of Surabaya and a research consultant at Kalbe Ubaya Hanbang-Bio Laboratory. He has been researching and exploring plant growth-promoting bacteria and its interaction with plants, especially the beneficial ones; to develop microbial inoculants which can be used as plant strengtheners, biofertilizers, phytostimulator, or biocontrol agents. He also has been initiating hairy root culture methods and plant growth promotion of original/ native medicinal plants from Indonesia while doing collaborative research with Industry to provide ginseng as their raw material needs.
  • Kunto Nugroho
    Policy Analyst, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Republic of Indonesia
    Kunto Nugroho is a Policy Analyst in the Coordinator Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. Prior to his role now, he worked as a Technical Staff of Animal Husbandry and Fishery in the ministry. He received a master's degree in Reproduction and Breeding of Animal Science from Padjajaran University (2015).
  • Lilik Koesmihartono Putra
    Senior Researcher, Indonesian Sugar Research Institute
    Senior researcher and plantation practitioner since 1992, especially sugar plantations. The main area of ​​expertise is Biosecurity or Plantation Plant Protection and understanding sugar cane cultivation and the supply chain of the Indonesian sugar industry. His research was mainly in the pests and diseases of sugarcane, funded internally by P3GI (ISRI), national and international institutions (ACIAR, CFC, CSIRO). Also involved in various consulting services in the field of on-farm national sugarcane plantations, both state-owned and private, including developing new sugarcane plantations outside Java.
  • Listiyaningsih
    Cooperation Analyst at International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture
    Listiyaningsih is a cooperation analyst at the International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture. She is involved in various international cooperation initiatives between the Ministry of Agriculture and other countries.
  • Maya Kartika Sari
    Policy Analyst, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs Republic of Indonesia
    Maya Kartika Sari is a Policy Analyst in the Coordinator Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Moh Khatibul Umam
    Head, Biro Pengabdian Masyarakat Pondok Pesantren Annuqayah (BPM-PPA)
    Moh Khatibul Umam is an Indonesian-based educator who leads an Islamic boarding school as head of Annuqayah Community Service Bureau (BPM-PPA).
    BPM-PPA (1978) supports students and communities in increasing social awareness and abilities through community-based mentoring and empowerment. Umam interest in environment, education, social enterprise, peace, gender, and community development.
  • Muh. Agung Saputra
    Managing Director, Surplus Indonesia
    Agung Saputra is a founder of a climate tech startup named Surplus Indonesia. He focuses on tackling food waste & food loss by enabling local food businesses; hotels & farms to sell their overstock product & imperfect produce at the window time to customers with 50% off to avoid edible & untouched meals becoming food waste and ending up in the landfill.
    He has various experiences in environmental consultation projects regarding Environmental Impact Assessment & Analysis and other environmental policies, specifically in waste management & circular economy.
  • Muhammad Fuadi
    Aquaculture Technology & Development Manager, PT Suri Tani Pemuka - JAPFA Aquaculture
    Fuadi is an Aquaculture Technology and Development Manager at PT Suri Tani Pemuka – JAPFA Aquaculture. He participated in several programs, especially national and international aquaculture short-term training, such as the Australia Awards Indonesia Short Term Program at James Cook University in 2018 and Monash University in 2017. I also participated in the Eurastip exchange program at Gent University Belgium regarding shrimp health and production in 2018.
  • Muhammad Maulana Malikul Ikram
    Director of Research Development, PT. BIOPS Agrotekno Indonesia
    Malikul Ikram is a Director of Research and Development at PT. BIOPS Agrotekno Indonesia and received his doctoral degree in Biotechnology from Osaka University. Malik's research interest specialized in the application of engineering to plant science and agriculture, from cultivation to post-harvest.
    During Malik's academic time, he already published 7 research articles related to the agriculture and biotechnology field, wrote 2 book chapters for PPI (student organization) about agriculture, and in Malik's professional work, he helped BIOPS Agrotekno to build the algorithm for automatic irrigation.
  • Muhammad Rezky Aditya Ardiyan
    Policy Analyst, National Institute of Public Administration (NIP) / Lembaga Administrasi Negara
    Muhammad Rezky Aditya Ardiyan is a policy analyst at the National Institute of Public Administration (NIP) / Lembaga Administrasi Negara. He obtained his master's degree in Public Administration from the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in 2021.
  • Puspita Suryaningtyas
    Senior Planner, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas
    Puspita Suryaningtyas is a senior planner at BAPPENAS. She is responsible for exercising policy draft and budget allocation on food and agriculture development. She obtained a master's degree in environmental management from Kyoto University (2015) and finance from Gajah Mada University (2008).
  • Rudin Hamsyah
    Head of SSL and Partnership, PT Agrindo, Kalimantan Plantation Unit
    Rudin Hamsyah is head of SSL and Partnership at Agrindo Plantation Unit in Kalimantan. His professional career focuses on Corporate Business Development through Partnership Programs with Smallholders in the Palm Oil Plantation, Corn, and Rice Industries.
  • Rusli Abdulah
    Researcher, INDEF - Institute for Development of Economics and Finance
    He has studied undergraduate degrees in Economics (2003-2008) and a master's in Development Economics (2011-2013). Rusli started his career at Suara Merdeka as a reporter (June 2009 - August 2009). Furthermore, Rusli joined as a researcher with regional economic research institutes in Central Java, namely Institute for Economic Research and Social Studies (Interess), Semarang (2009-2014). Not only that, but this young economist has also been a researcher at the Center for Development Studies (Kajibang), LPPM, Diponegoro University. After that, in 2014 to date, Rusli became a researcher at INDEF.
  • Surya Retnaningrum
    Feedmill, Research and Development, QC Dept. Head, PT. Great Giant Livestock
    Surya Retnaningrum is a passionate cattle nutritionist, focus on developing and utilizing local feed ingredients to maintain a sustainable feeding system with research aimed at increasing livestock production. Strong leadership and expertise in new projects to maximize profits.
  • Theresia Gunawan
    Director, Bandung Kota Cerdas Pangan
    Theresia Gunawan is a lecturer and researcher in the Business Administration Study Program and serves as Vice Dean for Resources at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. She also actively collaborates with the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung-Indonesia, Rikolto-Indonesia, Bandung Food Smart City, Urban Milan Food Policy, Kampung Berseri Astra in conducting research and providing assistance to the community. Theresia is interested in innovation studies, food security, entrepreneurship, strategic management, and smart cities.
  • Tjatur Budi Lestijaman
    GM Research and Development, PT Indolakto (Indomilk)
    Tjatur Budi Lestijaman is a Food Technologist with more than 30 years of experience in various fields (Quality, R&D, Regulatory Affairs, brand management) of the Food Industry. Passionate about the food for People program in developing countries to prevent hunger and improve the nutrition status of the people.
  • Wahyu Putra Maheswara
    Head of Sustainability Development Dept, PT Sumber Energi Pangan
    Wahyu Putra Maheswara is a Sustainability Development Head at Sumber Energi Pangan, with 7 years of experience in sustainability and community development. He loves outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and trail running.
  • Yoesep Budianto
    Researcher, LITBANG KOMPAS
    Yoesep Budianto is a researcher of LITBANG KOMPAS, passionate about the nexus between policy, communications, and ecological-based development. He strongly believes in applying the ecology and humanism approach to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. With an academic background in Geography and Environmental Science, He expanded to nature-based solutions and risk communication specialization by providing solutions with public awareness research, sustainable land management for food and water security, indigenous resilience, climate crisis injustice impacts, and public policy approaches in the ecological management stagnancy.
  • Yola Novita
    Food Security Analyst, Badan Pangan Nasional
    Yola Novita is a Food Security analyst at National Food Agency/Badan Pangan Nasional. She is responsible for supporting Badan Pangan Nasional in analyzing distribution and food stock in Indonesia.
  • Yulius Barra' Pasolon
    Professor in Plant Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, Halu Oleo University
    Yulius Barra' Pasolon, Prof. Dr. Ir., M.Agr., is a Lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture, Institution: Halu Oleo University, Kendari, South-East Sulawesi Tenggara, He Has long experience in Sago Palm studies under collaboration by Japanese Sago Society of Palm Studies (JSPS), and Professor of Plant Nutrition in 2017. In 2021 and 2022, He received Matching Fund Grand Research. His interest includes farming with specializing and expertise in formulation of organic fertilizers for rice and vegetable crops.

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