september - october 2022, SOFITEL NUSA DUA, Bali and Jakarta

Global Future Fellows
(GFF) 2022

Global Future Fellows (GFF) is a short-term fellowship program initiated by Pijar Foundation, in line with our spirit to promote ‘collaborative governance’ between public, private, and community sectors.

GFF, and ‘collaborative governance’ generally, reflects Indonesia’s traditional ‘Gotong Royong’ spirit, which is collective resource-sharing to execute complex tasks.

Each GFF edition will take on a different thematic issue.

GF Fellows are selected strategic public, private, and community sector leaders, who will engage in a series of knowledge exchange and upgrading activities, to build multi-sectoral networks, identify synergy areas, and consolidate learnings into a practical ‘action roadmap’.
The action roadmap (Rencana Aksi Bersama) will be coordinated with a high-level panel of key decision-makers, to guide key players in a common direction.

GFF’s impact will extend beyond the program’s end-date.
We expect GFF to produce a robust, multi-sectoral, global network of problem-solvers and a launchpad for scaled, sustained, and impactful collaborations.
This premier year of GFF will focus on the topic of “Safeguarding Indonesia’s Energy Transition”.

As G20 President, Indonesia has chosen energy transition as one of its three priorities, with the unique opportunity to amplify global momentum towards cleaner energy sources and lower emissions, while still fostering equitable socio-economic development.

Indonesia’s energy transition requires not just the installation of innovative technologies, but also an enabling environment in terms of re-shaped mindsets, market practices, as well as policies. According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the Government of Indonesia would need to invest around USD8 billion annually to achieve its 2025 renewable energy targets over the next decade.

GFF 2022 was first announced by Pijar Foundation during the AVPN Global Conference 2022 in Nusa Dua, Bali - an official side event of Indonesia's G20 Presidency.
The announcement took place during an AVPN and Pijar Foundation joint luncheon convening major global philanthropists with strong concerns in energy transition and Indonesian Government leaders.

The luncheon was attended by Vice Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of the Republic of Indonesia, Pahala Mansury; Senior Advisor to the Minister of Investment of the Republic of Indonesia/Head of Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), M. Pradana Indraputra; AVPN Advisor, Arsjad Rasjid; Chief Executive Officer of AVPN, Naina Batra; Executive Director of Pijar Foundation, Ferro Ferizka; as well as major global philanthropists.
Today’s challenges require ‘future-fit’ leaders – leaders who are forward-thinking, risk-embracing, and partnership-advancing.

Through interactions with experts, decision-makers, peers, as well as site-visits, GFF will equip participants with the knowledge, skill-sets and networks needed to safeguard the crucial issue of energy transition, while being cognizant of the unique Indonesian local context.
This year’s GFF will host 24 selected mid-career Indonesian leaders from the public, private and community sectors with strong track record in the issue of energy.
Participants must commit to attend all sessions, which will be delivered by renowned international and national speakers.
  • Short-Term Program
    Taking place between
    September - October 2022
  • Knowledge and Network Elevation
    Fellows will engage in knowledge upgrading activities, while building a multi-disciplinary coalition of global change-makers
  • Action Roadmap Design
    (Rencana Aksi Bersama)
    The Action Roadmap (Rencana Aksi Bersama)will be presented and coordinated with key decision-makers in the years ahead
GFF is distinguished by five key areas of opportunity:
  • Access to global and national network of strategic players
  • Platform for professional development
  • Concrete contribution to problem-solving
  • Fully-funded residencies in Bali (Sofitel Nusa Dua) and Jakarta
  • Certificate
Fellows Eligibility
While there is no perfect archetype for the Global Future Fellows, applicants must:
  • Be an Indonesian citizen
    Can live overseas but commit to onsite participation during the program dates
  • Have minimum Bachelor's degree
    Hold a minimum of Bachelor’s degree, from an Indonesian or an overseas institution
  • Be committed
    Fellows must commit to participate in all of the events and activities under the Fellowship agenda
  • Be experienced
    Have at least 7-10 years of academic or professional experience
  • Be proficient in English
    Be proficient in English, as some components of the Fellowship will be delivered by our global partners
  • Have strong track record in the energy sector
    Have strong track record in the energy sector (from the public, private, or community sectors) and commitment to leverage the program’s learnings to make positive impact
Program Timeline 2022

Start of Call for Applications

Close of Applications
Selection of Fellows
Announcement of 24 Fellows

Global Future Fellows 2022: Residency in

Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali


Global Future Fellows 2022: Working Session in Jakarta

Global Future Fellows 2022:
Final Action Roadmap Presentation in Jakarta
Indicative Program Agenda

Keynote Speeches and Panel Talks


Networking Events

Breakout Discussions

#SolveTheEnergyFutureNow through Collaborative Governance with Public, Private, and Community Sectors

Collaborative Governance Part 1.0: Empathy and Problem Synthesizing

Transformational Leaders for Sustainability

Drafting of ‘Action Roadmap for Indonesia’s Energy Transition’

Indonesia’s Energy Transition in the Broader Asia Context

Collaborative Governance Part 2.0: Toolbox for Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

Sustainable, Equitable Energy Transition: Fostering Prime Technology and Talents

Presentation of ‘Action Roadmap for Indonesia’s Energy Transition’ to key decision-makers

En Route Net Zero 2060: The Role and Direction of Indonesia’s Energy Transition

Collaborative Governance Part 3.0: From Ideation to Action

Sustainable, Equitable Energy Transition: Unlocking Innovative Financing

Global Investments in Innovation

Sustainable, Equitable Energy Transition: Ensuring Socio-Economic Inclusivity

Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations for Energy Transition and Sustainability

Sustainable, Equitable Energy Transition: The Media’s Critical Role

#SolveTheFutureNow: Collaborative Governance as a Critical Path Forward

Site-Visits and Cultural Activities

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