Global Future Fellows (GFF) 2022:
Safeguarding Indonesia's Energy Transition
The inaugural Global Future Fellows by Pijar Foundation kicked off on 26 September with a five-day residency in Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali.

36 GFFellows were chosen to participate as part of the 2022 cohort!

Read their outstanding profiles below.

Meet the 36 GFFellows chosen as part of the inaugural cohort of the Global Future Fellows 2022!

*Names of Fellows are listed by alphabetical order

  • Abdul Karim
    Head Contingent Liability Portfolio Management Section, Directorate-General of Budget Financing and Risk Management, Ministry of Finance
    Abdul Karim has nearly ten years of experience in the energy space. As part of a team within the Ministry of Finance, he deals with various kinds of electricity projects in the context of government guarantee provisions and management.

    He also recently participated in a secondment program held by the Ministry of Finance on the topic of geothermal energy, taking place at PT Geo Dipa Energy. Under the program, his secondment team formulated a draft recommendation to provide fiscal facility to drillings carried out by the government through assignment to state-owned enterprises (SOEs). This recommendation is meant to be one of the many forms of government support to the development of renewable energy, geothermal in particular.

  • Agus Sandy Widyanto
    Group Chief Strategy & Planning Officer, Star Energy Geothermal (Part of Barito Pacific Group)
    Agus S. Widyanto is the Group Chief Strategy & Planning Officer at Star Energy Geothermal, one of the largest renewable energy producers in Indonesia.

    In his capacity, Agus leads the various initiatives to increase Indonesia’s geothermal installed capacity via brownfield and greenfield projects. In the Gunung Salak area, Agus leads the development and execution of 14 MW binary plant, the first of its kind in Java using advanced organic rankine cycle technology. In Gunung Hamiding, North Halmahera, Agus leads Star Energy Geothermal’s effort in executing Indonesia’s government mandate to explore and drill exploration wells to size geothermal resource in one of the most promising geothermal prospects in Eastern Indonesia.
  • Ambar Susilowati
    Head of Miscellaneous Mining and Energy Facilities Section, Directorate-General of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Finance
    Ambar Susilowati is the current Head of the Miscellaneous Mining and Energy Facilities Section, where she is responsible for policy-making in the form of studies and regulations on the provision of facilities for the addition of minerals and coal, geothermal, and renewable energy.

    She was one of the discussants in the creation of the Minister of Finance Regulation No. PMK 218 / PMK.04 / 2019 on the Exemption from Import Duties and/or Taxes on the Import of Goods for Geothermal Operations. In addition, she was also one of the drivers for the concept of the Draft Amendment to PMK 218 / PMK.04/2019, which regulates the provision of facilities for government drilling activities.
  • Bachrum Lubis
    Business and Finance Expert, TKNP Law Firm
    Bachrum Lubis has more than 12 years of professional experience in the area of Business, Finance, and Investment. His professional career began several years ago when he was appointed as an Investment Banking Manager (Corporate and Government Projects) at PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, where he was entrusted to manage energy projects across Indonesia, such as on Coal, Oil, and Gas.

    He continued his studies in the Netherlands with a focus on Business Management while working as Chief Financial Officer at Major21 which changed his perspective on sustainable business. Upon returning to Indonesia, he became a Public-Private -Partnership (PPP) Consultant for projects related to sustainable energy infrastructure at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the Asian Development Bank.

    He is currently working as a Business and Finance Expert at TKNP Law Firm with the main portfolio on sustainable financing for projects (EV Transportation, Smart City, etc.).
  • Batuwoka E Y Lasut
    External Relations, Triputra Agro Persada
    Batuwoka E Y Lasut is an experienced professional in the field of Palm Oil, Manufactugin and Automoritve Industry.

    He has particularly strong background in strategic management, negotiation, and project execution. In addition, he is also an expert on human development and project development.
  • Dedi Rustandi
    Planner, Ministry of National Development Planning / BAPPENAS
    Dedi Rustandi has been a part of BAPPENAS since 2010. Prior to joining BAPPENAS, his work was related to the coal business, such as mining and trading.

    In BAPPENAS, he realized the need for cleaner and more sustainable energy policy. Between 2010 - 2015, he actively assisted the Director to prepare "low-cost" funding for renewable energy projects, especially geothermal energy, including through Government External Loans (BlueBook). In 2015 - 2022, he was more involved in energy modelling as a supporting tool for energy planning and analysis.
  • Dwi Septi Cahyawati
    Senior Policy Analyst, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
    Dwi Septi Cahyawati is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs.

    She is involved in analyzing and formulating drafts of recommendations and policies for energy transition. She has been engaged in discussions for renewable energy and its innovation for utility and manufacturing industries, especially related to renewable energy in state-owned electricity companies.
  • Dzikri Firmansyah Hakam
    Expert Staff, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN)
    Dzikri Firmansyah Hakam is an Expert Sttaff at PeLN, with expertise in energy economics and energy transition. He graduated with a PhD in Energy Economics from the University of Dundee's Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) . His areas of interest in research include energy transition and sustainability, energy finance and economics, competition economics and market structure, and ethical finance and economics.

    Currently, he counsels the management and works on policy briefs, research, publications, and mentoring in the field of energy economics.
  • Edward Gorasinatra
    Expert Planner, Directorate-General of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
    Edward Gorasinatra has 13 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. During this time, he has played a role in the governance of natural gas in Indonesia, especially in terms of Indonesia's Natural Gas Balance, Natural Gas Allocation, Gas Infrastructure, and FID.

    He recognizes that the energy transition including through energy diversification is a must for countries to create a better quality of life.

    He hopes countries like Indonesia will diversify from oil to natural gas as intermediary energy towards the new and renewable energy (NRE) transition period.
  • Elim Sritaba
    Chief Sustainability Officer, Asia Pulp and Paper Sinar Mas
    Elim Sritaba is the Chief Sustainability Officer of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), one of the leading forestry, pulp and paper companies globally. She was responsible for leading the implementation of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) at Sinar Mas Forestry since its launch in 2013.

    Elim was previously the Director of Strategic Corporate Relation & Human Resources at Sinar Mas Forestry, which manages APP’s pulpwood suppliers and in addition to that, she also led the coordination of three huge divisions consisting of communication strategy, government relation and sustainability.

    Elim has over 20 years of experience across finance, forestry as well as supply chain and business process management & business strategy.

    She currently serves on the board of Indonesian Global Compact Network and is the Deputy Head of Permanent Committee for Climate Change under Indonesia Chamber of Commerce.
  • Erna Megawati Manna
    Expert Planner, Regional Planning, Research and Development Board of Sumba Barat Daya
    Erna Megawati Manna is a highly organized and self-motivated planner with progressive experience in regional planning, sustainable development, and clean energy development. She is currently a Young Expert Planner at the Regional Planning, Research and Development Board of Sumba Barat Daya which is responsible to prepare, review, and formulate policies and development plans in local government, including controlling, monitoring, and evaluating the implementation of development plans.

    She also serves as a Sumba Liaison for Solutions for Renewable Energy Off-Grid (SREG), a green energy off-grid market enabler, with expertise and network in small-scale green energy. Several projects that have been implemented include the Installation of solar PV systems in indigenous villages of Ubu Oleta and Walakari; YSEALI Outbound Project “The Advancement of Renewable Energy Policy and Community-based Implementation in Sumba''; DFAT Project “Renewable Energy Workshops to Assist Indonesia’s Rural Electrification (REWIRE)”.
  • Felix Satya
    Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Star Energy Geothermal (Part of Barito Pacific Group)
    Felix Satya is the Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Star Energy Geothermal, one of the largest renewable energy producer in Indonesia.

    Felix leads renewable merger and acquisition initiatives that target companies domestically and internationally. Furthermore, he also helps companies from different sectors who are committed to use electricity from renewable sources by purchasing SEG’s carbon credit and renewable energy certificates.
  • Guntur
    Policy Analyst, Coordinating Ministry For Economic Affairs
    Guntur is an official staff under the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affars' State-Owned Enterprise Business Development Research and Innovation Unit, which also focuses on energy and the environment.

    He has focused on the topic of energy since 2013, where he wrote his final Master's research at Hiroshima University on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction from substitution firewood to biogas on household level. The research supports the Provincial Government of Bali through the Bali Mandara Biogas Program for households. At that time Bali Province Government had installed around 1.000 unit of biogas for low-income households around the with the material of biogas from cow waste.

    From 2020, he has focused on preparation of a regulation for the achievement of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) particularly on Carbon pricing and Energy Transition. On energy transition, he is engaged with line ministries through focus group discussions to elaborate in detail an energy transition roadmap, technical regulations, nation potential renewable energy identification and green finance.
  • Habib Fernandez
    Risk Manager, Bank Mandiri
    Habib Fernandez is a banker and an advisor with energy engineering background who is passionate on sustainable development particularly renewable energy and energy efficiency finance.

    Currently, one of the most challenging aspects of the energy transition is the disbursement of "climate fund". In annual, around one hundred billion USD is allocated by Green Climate Fund (GCF) to facilitate related projects.

    Hence, as an engineer who has proficiency on technical and financial aspects on sustainable energy, he has been acting as a facilitator to finance sustainable projects which can be classified as a project or corporate finance.
  • Hafif Dafiqurrohman
    Research Coordinator of Biomass Gasification, Universitas Indonesia
    Hafif Dafiqurrohman has a passion for biomass gasification and renewable energy development. He currently serves as research coordinator of biomass gasification in Universitas Indonesia and is pursuing PhD degree in Hydrogen Production at the University of Tokyo.

    Hafif is researching mobile biomass gasifiers, hydrogen production through chemical looping gasification, techno-economic and energy analysis of thermal conversion of biomass, energy transition through biomass, and circular economy in biomass energy development. So far, in conducting research, Hafif has published 20 international publications indexed by Scopus with self-h-index 5 (Scopus) and 7 (Google Scholar). In addition, Hafif is also involved in various energy transition projects, such as the development of hybrid electricity technology for fishermen at Bungin Techno Village, FS for a biomass power plant in Ponu, East Nusa Tenggara, and FS for solar power plants in Wakatobi and Tanjung Jabung Timur. He is also assisting de-dieselization program with wind and biomass energy
  • Hari Solagratia
    Head of Project Development, HEXA Renewables
    Hari currently holds the position of Head of Project Development in HEXA Renewables, an energy portfolio company of I Squared Capital. The private equity company has deep global sector expertise and synergies in Energy, Utilities, Transportation and Digital Infrastructures. Currently operating in North America, Europe and selected countries in Asia and Latin America.

    Hari is currently responsible in developing renewable energy portfolio in Indonesia, M&A valuation and project financing and structuring.
  • Herdhi Hermawan

    EBT Service and Supervision Analyst, Directorate-General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

    Herdhi Hermawan is an analyst of New-Renewable Energy (NRE) business services and supervision in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. He was involved in the stipulation of Ministerial Regulation No 26/2021 on the implementation of Solar PV Rooftop. At the moment, he is also involved in analyzing regulations and drafting of the Presidential Decree on Renewable Energy utilization acceleration.

    He graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering in Gas Management from Universitas Indonesia (UI). He was previously an engineer in the automotive industry for 9 years.

    He is interested in research on Sustainable Energy for the Sustainable Development Goal research, especially in the area of techno-economics.
  • Herman Huang
    CEO, Semesta Energi Services and Chakra Giri Energi Indonesia
    Herman Huang is an entrepreneur with an international consulting and engineering background in energy and tech. His current companies are working on several energy transition initiatives such as e-mobility, implementation of renewable energy system, especially solar energy and wind energy & and the development of novel voluntary carbon trading scheme in Indonesia.
  • Huud Alam
    Senior Consultant, Climate Change and Energy, deCO2
    Huud Alam is a consultant and project manager who delivers services for clients across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. He has 5 years of experience in consulting and project development on energy transition, climate change, and sustainability. As a consultant, most of the tasks revolved around energy market study, energy project development and supporting companies achieving their climate change target. He also had experience in supporting bilateral collaboration to develop clean energy projects in Indonesia.

    Alam got his mining engineering bachelor degree from Bandung Institute of Technology and learned more about renewable energy in Newcastle University during his master's study. His passion in writing also allowed his opinions and essays to win national competition and be published in various outlets such as newspapers, online websites and seminars.

    Currently, he aspires to build a climate tech start-up along with his colleague.
  •  I Made Aditya Suryawidya
    Renewable & New Market Explorer, TotalEnergies
    I Made Aditya Suryawidya has 12 years of experience in the development and implementation of projects & businesses in the oil gas, renewable, and power sector. All in line with his future goal of supporting Indonesia's sustainable energy mix.

    At TotalEnergies as Renewables Explorer (REX) & Senior Business Developer, Made leads and grows the company's Renewables, Hydrogen, & Energy Storage targets, and works closely with TotalEnergies affiliates to develop opportunities and leverage network. Made is actively involved with Indonesia's Renewable Energy Society (METI), where he works on Inter-institutional Cooperation & Indonesia's Solar PV Association (AESI), as Secretary-General.
  • Ian Agisti Dewi Rani
    Head of Merchant Community and Engagement, PT. Bukalapak
    Ian Agisti Dewi is the Head of Merchant Community and Engagement in PT. Ian is a dedicated leader, professional communication and community specialist with over a decade of experience in corporate communication and MSME community management. Ian has the insight related to how MSMEs work and how to encourage them to take action on a roadmap to energy transition.

    Ian oversaw operations and strategic planning that resulted in engagement, reputation, and revenue in the marketplace tribe. She got her Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and Master of Business Administration from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Ian was also nominated as Indonesia Young Women Future Business Leader 2019 from SWA Magazine and one of the winner from Bukalapak Culture Award 2021.
  • Joseph Gilmore
    Policy Analyst, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs
    Joseph Gilmore is a Junior Policy Analyst to the Assistant Deputy for Utilities and Manufacturing Industries at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. He focuses on the development of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) monitors plans for New, and Renewable Energy, including the Presidential Regulation on the topic.

    He has worked closely in government on the energy transition. For example, in 2015, he worked for the Assistant Deputy for Electricity, who created Presidential Regulation No. 4/2016 related to the acceleration of electricity development for the 35 GW program. In addition, in 2016 he worked for the Assistant Deputy for Energy Infrastructure who carried out monitoring on the construction of conventional power plants, such as the construction of coal and gas plants, which were included in national strategic projects.
  • Mochammad Haryo Pramantyo
    Corporate Planning Analyst, Pertamina Gas Negara (PGN)
    Mochammad Haryo Pramantyo is a Corporate Strategist for Pertamina Gas Negara (PGN). He has worked for more than 8 years in the planning aspect of the natural gas business and enjoys using his skills to contribute to the development of gas infrastructure as one of transition energy solutions in Indonesia.

    He graduated from the University of Indonesia in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering followed by Magister Management from IPMI in 2019. While in postgraduate education, he was one of the best five in PGN Management Development Program for his exemplary performance and skills.
  • Mohamad Yafi Zachary
    Investment Analyst, Directorate-General of State Asset, Ministry of Finance
    Mohamad Yafi Zachary works as a Government Investment Analyst in the Directorate-General of State Asset Management, part of the Ministry of Finance. He is responsible for portfolio management in Petrochemical enterprise which is a pivotal part of downstream petroleum carbon reduction shifting from fuel-based products into intermediate petrochemical products.

    Yafi has been involved in several trainings related to New and Renewable Energy (NRE), namely Geothermal Project Management Training, jointly held by PT Geodipa Energy and Institut Teknologi Bandung, as well as a Secondment Program of Geothermal Development Financial Risk by PT GeoDipa Energy and the Ministry of Finance.

    Graduated with a background in Petroleum Engineering, Yafi expanded his interest on sustainable and renewable energy financing and development. He has produced several written works on decarbonized innovation, namely a paper regarding “Integrated Natural Gas Power Plant and Carbon Capture Storage Facility”, and a paper regarding “Wave Energy Generator as Alternative Offshore oil Platform Decommissioning”.
  • Muhamad Gadhavi Fatony
    Planning and Evaluation Manager, PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy
    Muhamad Gadhavi Fatony currently works for PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) as a Planning & Evaluation Manager. He has 14 years of experience in Geothermal and expertise in strategic planning and economic evaluation. Fatony is actively involved in developing plans for growth of PGE's geothermal installed capacity, including the new venture called Beyond Energy Program.

    Prior to his current position, Fatony had an assignment in Kamojang Geothermal Area to lead budget planning. During his assignment in Kamojang, Fatony was also involved in the development of Kamojang Unit 5 Project which was successfully COD in 2015.
  • Najmu Laila
    Partner, Alaka Strategic Legal Consulting
    Najmu Laila is a Senior Partner at Alaka Strategic Legal Consulting with more than 10 years of professional experience. She graduated from the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia and obtained her LLM degree from New York University. Throughout her career, she has handled various high profile projects while working closely with government linked institutions, state-owned and private companies as well as international agencies.

    She has keen interests on the issue of project development and policy/legal reforms initiatives in Indonesia. She is specifically interested in working on the issues of project developments and public private partnership (PPP) projects which related to, among others, energy and natural resource management in Indonesia. She has been trusted as the Team Leader of Legal Experts for national strategic projects, with responsibilities such as the formulation of preliminary studies the Development of Natural Gas Network for Household Project and other national strategic projects using the PPP schemes.
  • Nendra Primonik Sekar Rengganis
    CEO and Co-Founder, PT Konten Baik Indonesia (Hipwee)
    Nendra Rengganis is a content entrepreneur who has a vision to build a digital platform to bridge good causes for Indonesian youth using content & community. She is currently building Hipwee, which communicates content on the SDGs in digestible ways and builds positive communities for millions of youths across Indonesia.
  • Nizhar Marizi
    Director, Ministry of National Development Planning / BAPPENAS
    Nizhar Marizi is a Senior Planner at the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS). He is responsible for the government's plan on renewable energy and energy conservation. He has 19 years of experience working and collaborating with national and local government institutions, international development agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Specializing in environmental and energy issues, he uses that expertise to promote green growth and renewable energy.

    He was awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Kitakyushu for studies in Regional Social Systems after graduating with an M.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of Indonesia and a B.Eng in Urban and Regional Planning from the Institute of Technology Bandung.
  • Nova Aryanto
    Commissioner & Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Olat Maras Power
    Nova Aryanto is a Lecturer at Sumbawa University of Technology, a private university in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. Since he was a student, Nova has been involved in clean energy projects in the form of Maintenance of Micro Hydro Power Plants by GIZ.

    He also currently leads a clean energy startup, Olat Maras Power, as one of the commissioners and Chief Technology Officer. The startup is currently engaged in the production of electric bicycles, solar cold storage and solar water wells for agriculture. Since 2020, the startup has implemented a mini solar power cold storage on the most densely populated island in the world, Bungin Island, where 90 percent of the population are fishermen.
  • Riszajidien Zakaria
    Head of EV Strategy, Gojek/Electrum
    Riszajidien Zakaria is a believer in electric vehicles (EV) as a key piece of Indonesia's future.

    He is currently working with Gojek and Electrum to develop Indonesia's EV ecosystem. Previously, he was a management consultant with Boston Consulting Group, working on transport and climate & sustainability topics.
  • Sahat Gabriel Jonathan Sinurat
    Corporate Finance Department Head, Triputra Agro Persada
    Sahat Gabriel Jonathan Sinurat is a professional with solid educational background, top management exposure, as well as in depth knowledge of palm oil, oil & gas, commodity and renewable energy industry. Key specialties include strategic planning, financial analysis, financial modelling and organizational development.

    His experience include the design of a palm oil fund management agency to support a biodiesel mandatory program to strengthen Indonesia; palm oil-based biofuel roadmap to achieve renewable energy mix target by 23% by 2025 and by 31% by 2050; and leading a financial and commercial pre-feasibility study for a USD350 million green refinery as a strategic project for Indonesia.
  • Sara Sorayya Ermuna
    PMO for the Energy and Technology Sector, Committee for the Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Delivery, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
    Sara Sorayya Ermuna is an Urban and Regional Graduates who work as a civil servant at Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (CMEA), Indonesia. She has been assigned in 2 working units, which are the Committee for Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Delivery (KPPIP) and Deputy Assistant for Disaster Resilience & Technology Utilization under the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Spatial Planning since February 2019.

    She is responsible for monitoring national strategic projects, especially for Strategic National Project in Energy & Technology Sector as mentioned in the Presidential Decree 109/2020 and Ministerial CMEA Decree 9/2022 on Waste to Energy in 12 Cities, Green & Biofuel Project, Electric Vehicle Battery, Green Infrastructure Project, and Solar Power Plants. She has also been given the task to develop policies about natural disasters and environmental sustainability.
  • Septian Suryo
    CEO, PT Sefactor Deos Maks
    Septian Suryo is the Founder and CEO of PT. Sefactor Deos Maks, a company engaged in water treatment. The company engages in the recycle of wastewater to reduce water pollution and climate change. Currently the company's main service is recycling waste water in various sectors, ranging from hotels, apartments, hospitals, industry, etc. The water can then be reused for utility needs (turbine, generator, boiler, cooling tower, sanitation, etc.).

    Water pollution will increase carbon emissions and climate change. Septian through his company contributes to the recycling of waste water to reduce carbon emissions, climate change, and energy efficiency. Energy savings at home and workplace will have a significant impact on national energy consumption. We have to start from ourselves, our families and our workplace. Therefore, the culture of saving energy is always being campaigned to our community at the workplace.
  • Setya Rahardjanto
    Independent Oil and Gas Consultant
    Setya Rahardjanto has been in the integrated energy business for over 30 years. His experience is primarily in the Upstream Oil and Gas business, with 25 years in ExxonMobil, both in technical and managerial/leadership job positions in Indonesia, Southeast Asian region, South Texas, USA and in West Africa region.

    In his previous job at ExxonMobil Indonesia, he was responsible for leading the organization to capture both conventional and unconventional opportunity projects. He also led the execution of the first phase CBM Exploration Program in Kalimantan.

    Currently, as a Consultant, he helps clients to complete integrated technical and commercial evaluations prior to capturing or selling opportunities/ assets. Currently the industry is investing in energy transition through a suite of technologies, Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS). CCUS is set to play important and diverse roles in supporting Indonesia’s clean energy transition, in particular in industry, electricity generation and fuel transformation. Recent energy crisis is a great lesson on how we should wisely develop measurable energy policies to minimize dependency on coal & oil while expanding the use of renewable energy resources without disrupting supply and demand.
  • Teuku Rengga Felamona
    Head of Business Development, Projects, and EPC Management, Adaro Power
    Teuku Rengga Felamona is a seasoned business development, commercial and project management professional with over 17 years of experience as executive, consultant, project management and procurement roles in various energy-related projects in the Middle East, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries. His core competence is on the nexus of appropriate technology adoption and transformative private sector investment in thermal, renewable energy & low carbon project development.

    Currently, Rengga is leading and driving Business Development and project teams by providing strategic & tactical directions to develop projects for Adaro Power especially in the renewable energy sector. In addition to his day-to-day job as Head of Business Development, Rengga is also involved in formulating Adaro’s transformation strategy towards the creation of several new "engines" and driving the demand for energy transition and green energy / renewables, which will dramatically cut carbon emissions and mitigate climate change.
  • Yessa Arthur Erriadita
    Portfolio Manager, Pertamina Power Indonesia
    Yessa Arthur Erriadita is an investment professional with 12+ years exposure in the area of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and corporate finance, change management and business strategy.

    He is currently holding the Portfolio Management function in Pertamina Power Indonesia (PPI), a sub-holding on New & Renewable Energy of PT Pertamina (Persero), to assess and monitor investment opportunities in renewable energy and future businesses. Subsequently, also conducting inorganic growth initiatives to accelerate PPI's growth in clean energy business.

The premier GFF focused on the theme "Safeguarding Indonesia's Energy Transition".

As G20 President, Indonesia has chosen energy transition as one of its three priorities, with the unique opportunity to amplify global momentum towards cleaner energy sources and lower emissions, while still fostering equitable socio-economic development.
GFF Bali Residency Agenda
Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali
26 - 30 September 2022

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