Townhall Muda Series

Eps. 7 Townhall Muda: Fostering Sustainable Development: The Role of Multi-Sectoral Collaboration in Kabupaten Sigi

Shaping a sustainable future and fostering cross-sectoral collaboration in Kabupaten Sigi - Sulawesi.
The local government of Sigi, an active member of the Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL), has been steadfastly championing sustainable development initiatives since 2019. This commitment is underscored by the issuance of Regional Regulation No. 4, also known as "Sigi Hijau," symbolizing the government's dedication to advancing sustainable development in the region. To fortify these efforts, a collaborative and multi-stakeholder approach has been deemed essential, bringing together various sectors to collectively forge a sustainable future.

Recognizing the pivotal role of the younger generation, the government emphasizes the importance of preparing and enhancing their capacities to meet real-world demands, particularly in driving sustainable development. Beyond academic prowess, capacity building for the youth involves the development of both hard and soft skills. The younger generation, equipped with a vision for sustainability, plays a key role in accelerating progress as potential human resources.

Given the limited job opportunities for young talents in the region and untapped potential in sustainable economic opportunities, particularly in nature-based derivative products, addressing these challenges is paramount. Initiatives like the Townhall Muda provide a platform for cross-sectoral and intergenerational collaboration to collectively address the challenges of green development and talent cultivation in Kabupaten Sigi.

The Townhall Muda serves as a conduit for collaboration, enabling stakeholders from different sectors and generations to synergize efforts in tackling the challenges of green development and local talent cultivation in Kabupaten Sigi. This collaborative endeavor aims to introduce the potential implementation of "Ekonomi Lestari" (Sustainable Economy) as the primary foundation for expediting development and absorbing young talent in the region.

The collaboration between the Pijar Foundation and Generasi Lestari is expected to play a crucial role in introducing the potential implementation of "Sustainable Economy" as the main foundation to accelerate development and absorb young talents in Sigi Regency. Through initiatives like the Townhall Muda activities, cross-sectoral and cross-generational actors can synergize to discuss the challenges of green development and the cultivation of sustainable talents in Sigi Regency.
The outcomes of the Sigi Townhall include Policy Recommendations for the formulation of the Regional Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPD) of Sigi Regency and an Upskilling Program for the Youth of Sigi Regency, namely the Sustainable Talent program. These initiatives aim to establish a foundation for sustainable economic growth and the empowerment of the younger generation as drivers of positive change in the community.

In conclusion, the journey towards sustainable development in Kabupaten Sigi necessitates the active participation and collaboration of various stakeholders, with the younger generation playing a crucial role. Through initiatives like the Townhall Muda and collaborative partnerships, the region can pave the way for a sustainable future by harnessing the collective efforts and insights of all involved parties. The ultimate goal is to establish a foundation for sustainable economic growth and the empowerment of the younger generation as leaders of positive change in Kabupaten Sigi.
This article was written by Gabriella Anindyacitta S. B.
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