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Eps.11 (DESAMIND SERIES) Townhall Muda: Inspirational and Collaborative Harmony Shapes the Impact of Green Economy in Nagan Raya, Aceh

Townhall Muda Desamind Series in Nagan Raya, Aceh, inspirational and collaborative efforts are shaping the transformative impact of the green economy.
In a commendable move towards sustainable development and community engagement, Awardee Beasiswa Desamind berPijar collaborated with Desamind Chapter Aceh Barat to organize the Townhall Muda Desamind Series 3.0 in Balai Desa Sumber Bakti on October 29, 2023. This initiative, named ISAMBA, aimed to empower women and youth in managing peatland ecosystems and bolstering the smoked fish industry.

The event witnessed the participation of esteemed guests, including village officials, environmental experts, industry practitioners, and academia. Notable attendees included the Village Head, Deputy Village Head, Youth Chairperson, PT. SPS 2 representatives, P3RK UTU, UTU professors, and members of various student organizations. The active involvement of 20 housewives and 10 traditional fishermen showcased the diverse and inclusive nature of the program.

The Townhall Muda Desamind Series in Nagan Raya Regency, Aceh, commenced with a warm welcome from organizer Ego Ibnu Wijaksena, setting the tone for a day of insightful discussions and collaborative initiatives. Keynote speakers, environmental experts, and fisheries industry practitioners provided profound insights into the importance of peatlands and sustainable practices.
A panel discussion featuring experts and young sustainability enthusiasts shed light on the potential for green business opportunities, particularly in smoked fish production. Village Head Deni Firmansyah emphasized the role of peatland management in climate change adaptation and mitigation, urging participants to explore green business avenues.

Business Development was a focal point in the panel talks, with Zahrial Syah Alam discussing essential aspects such as starting a business, sourcing materials, and product positioning. Taufik Akbar, a Practitioner of Appropriate Technology, provided valuable insights into fish smoking devices that enhance production processes while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

During the Networking Forum led by Ego Ibnu Wijaksena, program schemes and collaboration opportunities were explored. Entrepreneurs expressed challenges, prompting PT. SPS 2 to offer a CSR proposal for fish smoking devices, showcasing private sector support for community development.

The open forum provided a platform for interactive discussions and knowledge exchange between youth and inspirational figures. The event concluded with concrete steps towards peatland sustainability and smoked fish production, marked by Memoranda of Understanding with partner villages and the signing of the Desamind Caping (a type of hat shaped like a cone, typically made from woven bamboo).

The Townhall Muda Desamind Series in Nagan Raya, not only facilitated knowledge sharing but also initiated tangible steps towards sustainable development. The commitment of participants, especially the younger generation, highlighted the potential for transformative change. The event underscored the importance of collaboration between communities, private sectors, and educational institutions in fostering holistic development. The signing of agreements and commitments ensures a continued focus on environmental preservation and economic progress in the region. The success of ISAMBA represents a model for future social projects aimed at empowering communities and fostering sustainable practices.
This article was written by Gabriella Anindyacitta S. B.
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