Townhall Muda Series

Eps.12 (DESAMIND SERIES) Townhall Muda: Shaping the Adaptive Mindset of Youth in Developing Innovations for the Village

Fostering an adaptive mindset among youth for village innovation development in Ogan Komering Ulu District, South Sumatera.
The Townhall Muda Desamind Series recently executed a socially impactful project in Sinarbakti Village, Ogan Komering Ulu District. The event, held on Sunday (29/10/2023), unfolded seamlessly under the overarching theme of "Cultivating Adaptive Thinking Among Youth in Developing Innovations for the Village."

The primary objective of this project was to empower young individuals, fostering their creativity to generate high-value products by harnessing the natural resources surrounding them. Dian Arifando Rusyadi, a scholarship awardee and project implementer, highlighted the project's main goals: creating innovative products from local natural resources, boosting the village's economy, and promoting environmental sustainability. One notable outcome was the creation of the Ih-Kalong innovation, utilizing rubber seeds as fish feed.

The Townhall Muda event in Sinarbakti Village drew the participation of 35 attendees, focusing on facilitating dialogue among village youth, community leaders, and various stakeholders. Inspirational presentations regarding the social project aimed to engage youth with creative visions and a spirit to transform their village positively. The event's agenda included an introduction to the social project, panel talks, and networking forums. The program also featured entertaining games for the participants.
The local community's response to the introduction of the social project was extraordinary. Village residents, particularly the youth, responded enthusiastically, demonstrating a keen interest in participating in activities that not only economically benefit them but also empower their creativity. Townhall Muda emerged as a positive catalyst, igniting a spirit of cooperation in Sinarbakti Village.

The project went beyond providing conceptual understanding; it offered a platform for rural youth to actualize their creative ideas. Through various training sessions, workshops, and collaborative activities, village youth were encouraged to identify and develop the potential of natural resources around them into high-value products, such as handicrafts, local agricultural products, and other innovations. By involving the youth in the social project, Sinarbakti Village successfully cultivated an environment that supports innovation and creativity.

The social project introduced through Townhall Muda Desamind created a positive breakthrough. With high enthusiasm and active community participation, the project charted a new course for rural youth, inspiring them to create innovative products with the local natural resources, demonstrating significant market value. Sinarbakti Village now stands as an example for other villages, showcasing that engaging youth in local development can bring about substantial and sustainable change.

Townhall Muda Desamind Series has not only facilitated meaningful dialogue but has also served as a catalyst for transformative social projects. By empowering youth and leveraging local resources, Sinarbakti Village has become a beacon of innovation, proving that collaborative efforts can lead to positive and enduring changes in rural communities.
This article was written by Gabriella Anindyacitta S. B.
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