Townhall Muda Series

Eps. 3 Townhall Muda: Merdeka Belajar as a Transformative Step in Anticipating the Future of Indonesian Education

Unveiling innovative programs and collaborative efforts that define Purwakarta’s commitment to educational excellence and community development and delve into transformative initiatives.
Purwakarta, a shining beacon of educational excellence in the dynamic landscape of Indonesian education, boasts an impressive literacy rate of 98.95% as of 2019. This commitment to fostering learning is evident in the high enrollment rates across various educational levels: 98.16% for Elementary School (SD), 93.38% for Middle School (SMP), and 85.72% for High School (SMA) in the year 2019. These achievements are further highlighted by favorable teacher-student ratios, standing at 1:16 for SD, 1:20 for SMP, and 1:24 for SMA during the academic year 2018/2019.

Beyond statistics, Purwakarta's dedication to education is exemplified through groundbreaking collaborative initiatives. A recent transformative event, Townhall Muda, orchestrated through a partnership between the PIJAR Foundation and the State Administration Institute of the Republic of Indonesia (LAN RI), took place at Bale Yudistira in the heart of the Purwakarta Regional Government, West Java. This pioneering forum, held on Monday, April 10, 2023, successfully brought together over 500 participants, including Civil Servants (ASN), Youth Communities in Purwakarta, Students, and various other entities.

Themed "Merdeka Belajar as a Transformative Step in Anticipating the Future of Indonesian Education," the Townhall Muda Purwakarta event witnessed the presence of distinguished figures such as Puteri Anetta Komarudin and Abdul Hadi Wijaya from Commission XI of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly (DPR-RI). Notable representatives from the local education landscape, including Budi Hermawan, Head of the Branch Office of Region IV of the West Java Education Office, and Norman Nugraha, Secretary of Purwakarta District, played key roles in highlighting innovative developments.

A notable revelation at the event was the “7 Poe Atikan” Program, which established the five blossoms of character education for nearly a decade in Purwakarta. Norman Nugraha, Secretary of Purwakarta District, detailed the program's seven special features, intricately tailored to meet the distinctive needs of Purwakarta. This initiative seamlessly harmonizes with the ongoing implementation of the independent learning curriculum, emphasizing a symbiotic relationship between central government policies and local governance.

Throughout the event, the call for independent learning resounded, emphasizing its collective responsibility that extends beyond the government to encompass the entire community. Norman Nugraha expressed profound appreciation on behalf of the Purwakarta District Government for the successful Townhall Muda Purwakarta Program, foreseeing transformative outcomes for the Zillenial generation within the framework of diversity.

Throught this event, we established The Purwakarta Education Taskforce, a special team comprising representatives from the Purwakarta District Government, community representatives, young leaders from Purwakarta, and the Pijar Foundation, was formed. Its purpose is to innovate and accelerate education-related policies to raise the Youth Development Index (YDI) in Purwakarta District, with a particular focus on improving literacy among students in the region.
This article was written by Gabriella Anindyacitta S. B.
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