Townhall Muda Series

Eps.10 (DESAMIND SERIES) Townhall Muda: Empowering Rural Growth, Spurs Agricultural Innovation Through Collaborative Action

The Townhall Muda Desamind Series Malang, in collaboration with Aksi Abdi and RECOVERY, spearheaded transformative agricultural innovation through a trilogy of impactful events, uniting rural communities, and fostering collaboration.
In a groundbreaking trilogy of events, the Townhall Muda Desamind Series, in collaboration with Aksi Abdi and RECOVERY, transcended the conventional boundaries of rural initiatives. From the grandeur of the Opening Ceremony to the insightful Panel Talks and the dynamic Networking Forum, each facet served as a catalyst for fostering collaboration and driving agricultural innovation.

The Opening Ceremony, a pivotal juncture, not only unveiled our ambitious programs but also showcased the array of Desamind products set to transform the rural landscape. Crafted with a semi-formal flair, the ceremony projected a positive and approachable image, resonating with the heart of the community. Importantly, village officials openly endorsed our endeavors, cementing the partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Aksi Abdi and the local administration.

Transitioning to the Panel Talks and Networking Forum, the agendas unfolded with presentations by influential speakers and engaging educational sessions on product development. The focal points of citrus processing and agriculture were explored in depth, featuring young civil servants from BSIP Jesro in the Panel Talks. Their impassioned advocacy sought collaborative support from the local government, emphasizing social project ideas, particularly centered on their innovative product, marmalade. The discussions seamlessly transitioned into a hands-on marmalade production session, creating a tangible connection between theory and practice.
The Opening Ceremony, a beacon of introduction and endorsement, set a positive tone for the entire series. Panel Talks, driven by young civil servants, seamlessly combined theory and practice in the pursuit of agricultural innovation. The Networking Forum, a convergence of leaders, marked a collective commitment to the village's advancement, coupled with insights into organic farming management through the introduction of BIOSAKA. BIOSAKA comes from the words BIO and SAKA, which is an abbreviation for Saka Alam Kembali ke Alam (returning from nature to nature). BIOSAKA serves as a substitute for fertilizer. Furthermore, there is an introduction to breakthrough innovations in the utilization of orange peel named SoMar (Kalisongo Marmalade). Marmalade itself is a semi-solid food product made from fruit, sugar, citric acid, and includes fruit pieces or fruit peel.

Throughout the series, the response from the community was not just positive but marked by an unprecedented enthusiasm, evident in their engaging questions and feedback. The collaborative spirit ignited during these events serves as a testament to the potential for transformative change in rural communities, embodying the essence of the Desamind Series in propelling agricultural innovation through unified action.
This article was written by Gabriella Anindyacitta S. B.
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