Global Future X

Collaborative Ecosystem for future-fit actions.

We are inclusive, practical, and action-focused.

Our areas: Future Talent and Future Planet

We champion “Collaborative Governance” as a tool to #SolveTheFutureNow.

Collaborative Governance amplifies cross-sectoral, cross-generational, and practical collaborations to build our Future Talent and Future Planet.

GFX Collaborative Governance

Unique features in our ecosystem
  • Inclusive
    A collaboration-oriented process for Inclusive cross-sectoral and generational engagements.
  • Open Ground
    An open ground for knowledge sharing and synthesizing.
  • Practical Ecosystem
    A practical ecosystem for collaborative action design, delivery and actions.
Collaborative Governance in Motion
A practical framework to enable an ecosystem for collaborative actions
Grounded upon National Principle
The concept of collaborative governance is deeply rooted in societies around the world. In Indonesia, it is closely related to the traditional principle of "Gotong Royong” - collective resource-sharing to execute complex tasks.
The Framework
The process of collaborative governance is one that is human-centered and begins with a common understanding of a particular situation from different points of view, collectively identifying gaps, challenges, and opportunities, and culminated in jointly mapping-out concrete steps and action plans.
Global Future X by Pijar Foundation
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