Alarming Climate Crisis and Unveiling Dream for a Successful COP28 in Dubai

Alarming Climate Crisis and Unveiling Dream for a Successful COP28 in Dubai

Eps. 0 Townhall Muda and the Idea of “Collaborative Hub”

Nov 13, 2023

Policy Playground Episode 1 — discuss COP28’s crucial role in advancing climate action. With engaging presentations and discussions, including insights from distinguished speakers, the event sparked inspiring dialogues on climate, social dynamics, and youth empowerment within Indonesia and beyond.Every year, nations come together to tackle the urgent challenge of climate change, and this time, it’s Dubai’s turn to host the 28th Conference of the Parties, better known as COP. Since its kickoff in 1995 in Berlin, Germany, COP has played a pivotal role, giving birth to crucial agreements like the Kyoto Protocol back in ’97. This landmark protocol stands out as the only COP outcome-binding countries and setting greenhouse gas reduction targets for developed nations.Photo by Markus Spiske on UnsplashFast forward to the 21st edition in 2015, and we witness the birth of the Paris Agreement, marking a significant moment in ramping up global climate action. This edition unleashed impactful agreements such as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), Global Stocktake, and the concepts of Adaptation and Mitigation.

COP27 in Egypt added another chapter by securing a crucial agreement on “Loss and Damage” funding commitment for vulnerable countries hit hard by the climate crisis. A much-needed win, especially after the stumbling blocks faced at COP26 in Glasgow. The funding issue is a linchpin in addressing the global climate challenge amid what feels like slow progress.

The warning bells were loud and clear when the IPCC, a UNFCCC-formed independent body for climate change assessments, hit us with a “Code Red for Humanity” through its 2021 Working Group 1 report. This red alert highlighted the alarming stagnation in climate action, emphasizing the need for urgent and concerted efforts.

As we gear up for COP28 in Dubai, the momentum from past agreements and the stark warnings from reports like the “Code Red for Humanity” remind us that the stakes are high, and the time for meaningful climate action is now.“We must act decisively now to keep 1.5°C alive. We are already at 1.2°C and rising. Warming has accelerated in recent decades. Every fraction of a degree counts. Greenhouse‑gas concentrations are at record levels. Extreme weather and climate disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity. That is why this year’s United Nations climate conference in Glasgow is so important.”

— António Guterres, UN Secretary-GeneralPolicy Playground: Envisioning Model for Collaborative Dialogue Space in Climate PolicyIn a groundbreaking initiative that unfolded on November 2, 2023, at the Pijar Foundation HQ, the Policy Playground Episode 1: Road to COP28 gathered experts from government, private, academia, and communities. This pioneering event provided a platform for policy and climate enthusiasts to candidly discuss the crucial role COP28 plays in advancing climate action.Photos by Pijar FoundationThe event featured quick panel presentations and roundtable discussions in a casual setting, delivering an engaging and insightful experience for all participants. Distinguished speakers included Guntur from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and Arief Rosadi, Climate and Energy Diplomacy Coordinator at IESR, who brought their unique perspectives to the table, offering valuable insights into the pressing issues surrounding climate action, social impact, economic considerations, and youth empowerment.

Designed as a deliberative dialogue — reminiscent of a Rembug, the event fostered an environment where Indonesians could openly discuss ongoing issues and explore alternative solutions. This collaborative approach ignited inspiring dialogues on climate, social dynamics, economic considerations, and youth empowerment, not only within Indonesia but beyond its borders.

The Policy Playground Episode 1 yielded significant outcomes:

Keep Indonesia’s Commitments to the Paris Agreement Actionable: Indonesia took center stage in fulfilling its commitments to the Paris Agreement, showcasing progress in reducing emissions, setting targets, and aspiring to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2060. 🌿💚Dive into thought-provoking discussions on crucial topics and themes at COP28, with a profound focus on the pressing need to cut emissions and bridge the climate finance gap. 🌐🔍Embark on a journey through the impactful endeavors of diverse organizations and government bodies dedicated to advancing renewable energy and sustainable practices across Indonesia. Discover how local communities and the younger generation actively participate in shaping the future of each initiative. 🌞🌏
This event stands as a pivotal moment for those passionate about climate action and policy development. The success of Policy Playground Episode 1 sets the stage for COP28, contributing to a sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

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