Eps. 3 Townhall Muda Purwakarta: Epicentrum of Educational Collaboration

Eps. 3 Townhall Muda Purwakarta: Epicentrum of Educational Collaboration

Eps. 0 Townhall Muda and the Idea of “Collaborative Hub”

Jun 12, 2023

This article was written by Anthony Marwan and edited by Aulia Pradipta and Andy F. Probotrianto.Purwakarta has taken a significant step forward by launching the Townhall Muda initiatives, a collaborative forum that brings together youth and policymakers to drive their ideas into action and #SolvetheFutureNow. The Pijar Foundation, in collaboration with two prominent youth organizations in West Java, Jabar Bergerak Zillenial and Jabar Future Leaders, successfully organized the Townhall Muda Purwakarta on April 10th, 2023, with education as the main topic.

Recognizing the importance of education as a critical foundation for Purwakarta, a regent often referred to as a pensioner city and satellite for Bandung, the aim of these initiatives is to transform its image into an appealing tourist destination and a cultural city, in line with other cities in the region.

To expedite the realization of this vision, Purwakarta prioritizes the development of its talent pool. Consequently, the education system should be designed to accommodate the contemporary urgency and ensure that it effectively prepares the youth for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.Ahmad Arif Imamulhaq, the Head of the Youth department explained the transformation in Purwakarta Education (Photo by Jabar Bergerak Zillenial)Garda Muhammad, a youth representative and CEO of Mengajar Desa, eloquently highlights the rise of critical citizenship among young people. This trend shows the immense capacity of youth to drive positive societal change. He emphasizes that for this potential to be fully realized, the system must provide the necessary support and opportunities.

In this vein, improving education becomes a pivotal and indispensable instrument in shaping the creation of bright and impactful generations of youth. It catalyses nurturing the skills, knowledge, and values needed to propel nations forward. By investing in education and continuously enhancing its quality, we can unlock the true potential of our youth and foster a future generation that contributes positively to society in profound ways.

During the event, representatives from the public sector and youth organizations come together in intimate group discussions, aligning their visions for Purwakarta’s education landscape. Despite the notable strides made through the implementation of Merdeka Belajar, participants express a shared concern regarding the imperative of ensuring education accessibility for all, including marginalized groups such as women and street children. Recognizing the tremendous potential of youth as invaluable resources in Purwakarta, there is a collective commitment to supporting the government in providing informal education opportunities.

Moreover, the mobilization of youth organizations is seen as a powerful and effective means to dismantle barriers to equal access and quality education, not only in Purwakarta but also across the broader region of West Java. Seeing this as a small step to transform the next generation to become the new agents of change in Purwakarta.Townhall Muda initiates mini Collaborative Governance in Practice (Photo by Jabar Bergerak Zillenial)Collaboration as The Way Forward in PurwakartaPurwakarta serves as an inspiring example, showcasing the transformative power of Merdeka Belajar in revolutionizing the education landscape of Indonesia. It has been hailed as a crucial leap forward in creating a brighter future for our nation. As we chart the path ahead for Purwakarta, it becomes abundantly clear that education and youth hold the key to unlocking its full potential. To unlock this, all speakers unanimously agree on the need for concerted efforts and partnerships.“high performing [Talent] will happen if we can work as a team through alignment, empowerment, and collaborations, so [Our Talent] can be more resilient to changes.” — Budi Hermawan.One notable outcome resulting from Townhall Muda is the launch of an upskilling program that leverages digital education platforms. This program provides students with valuable access to online lectures delivered by expert instructors specializing in various fields. By participating in this program, students can enhance and broaden their competencies, equipping them to make a more significant impact on Purwakarta. The program covers a wide range of sought-after topics, including Artificial Intelligence and data intelligence, reflecting the growing demand in these areas.

Townhall Muda Purwakarta exemplifies a groundbreaking model of collaborative forums that goes beyond traditional approaches in this region. This event creates a unique platform for diverse stakeholders to engage in mutual learning and collectively shape collaborative actions. Its primary focus lies in fostering stronger partnerships between key players from the public sector and the community, driving forward the ambitious agenda of education transformation.

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